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ETIM International was founded to unite local ETIM organizations worldwide. So as was with ETIM North America, founded to unite local industry members, representing the combined interests of our market segment and its stakeholders.  As with other national ETIM organizations, ETIM North America is responsible for the correct translation of the classification model, the promotion of the ETIM model, the preparation of change requests and any other activities as stated in the ETIM Statutes and Guidelines. ETIM North America offers several types of membership, as detailed below.

Manufacturer Direct Members

Distributor Direct Members

Association & Solution Provider Non-Direct Members

Membership Types:

Direct Member

Manufacturers and Distributors can become direct members, allowing participation  on the Product Expert Committees, with voting rights, one per company, and access to the ETIM-developed tools.  The annual membership dues are structured in a tiered model based on the company’s North American gross annual sales.

Why Become a Member?

  • Sharing your unique expertise and input will help ensure the model meets your needs
  • Up-to-date, complete and correct product data throughout the entire supply chain means higher quality, better service, fewer errors and happier customers!
  • Deliver your product content to domestic and global customers, easily and consistently, in the language(s) they need
  • Reduce costs through improved stock management and order processing, as well as fewer wrong orders/returns
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency of sales reporting with higher quality, standardized data

Read more about how ETIM classification can benefit your organization here.

Technology Provider Member

Technology companies can become non-direct members, allowing up to two representatives of their company presence at the Product Expert Committees meetings, but without voting rights.

Note: For other membership opportunities and dues, please contact us at

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