Classification Management Tool (CMT)

CMT stands for Classification Management Tool, our custom-built online software tool to access the international multilingual ETIM master database and efficiently organize and process additions and requests for change (RFCs) to the ETIM model. Most parts of the ETIM CMT are open to the public: only some parts and functions of the tool are subject to login. By all means, have a look around!

CMT is also the communication medium for status updates on RFCs to the requester and other interested members. As a member with login, you can use a Favourites Filter to select the classes you want to be informed about. You will then receive a weekly summary status update of relevant RFCs to prevent mailbox overflow. These updates contain direct links to these pending change requests in the ETIM CMT, to find out more or join relevant discussions.


In addition to our downloadable file containing the complete ETIM model structure, ETIM also offers webservices for direct access to the model via the ETIM API (Application Programming Interface). ETIM API is continuously updated and started with a few base services: ‘Release’ for a list of all classes within a specific ETIM release and ‘Details’ to retrieve all class information. Today, we also offer lists of all groups, languages and releases.

The ETIM API services are developed in Swagger, an open source software framework that helps developers to design, build and document REST webservices. Visit the ETIM API dedicated webpage to use and help test its services and download the documentation you need.

ETIM BMEcat certification tool

ETIM offers an online tool that validates your XML-files against the ETIM BMEcat Guideline and the ETIM classification. Once your file is successfully validated as error free, you can download a certification document. The online ETIM BMEcat certification tool is free of charge but exclusively available to ETIM members. For more information or login credentials, please contact your local ETIM office.

ETIM Viewer

Our classification management tool ETIM CMT can be used as a viewer, of course, but was primarily designed for optimal management of the model. For your convenience, we developed the ETIM Viewer, a straightforward website optimized as viewer. Originally an app, it is now a website optimized for mobile use. Just open the website from your smartphone and add it to your start screen. For now, we have opted to release the ETIM viewer as a simple viewer. However, the tool can very easily (and may very well) be extended with new smart features in the future.

View, download, manage: with the ETIM toolset you can do it all. Anytime, anywhere.