Exchange Format Product Data

The ETIM data model is completely uniform, differing only in language. The preferred exchange format for classified product data – not to be confused with the release format for the data model – however, can be set and defined by each local ETIM organization individually.

Where ETIM International before recommended the BMEcat® standard, we have now released the new ETIM xChange standard. As the first ever product master data exchange standard that is fully controlled by ETIM International and its community, with a focus for global use, the JSON based ETIM xChange format sets the stage for a new era of collaboration and digital excellence in product data management.

To ensure international uniformity whilst taking into account country specific regulations, ETIM International releases updates of its ETIM xChange guidelines whenever needed. Currently, ETIM xChange 1.0 is applicable.

With this first version as a solid foundation, we will now focus on gradually expanding and perfecting the format. A dedicated subcommittee of the ETIM Technical Committee will be responsible for the further development of the standard, respecting the common ETIM governance processes.

Please be advised that in some countries specific national formats are still custom as sector standard, whether or not in addition to ETIM xChange and/or ETIM BMEcat. For more information about the preferred data format in a specific ETIM country, please contact your local ETIM office.

You can find a zip-file with the complete documentation package in our download section. Also available for download is a file that offers a mapping of xChange fields to ETIM BMEcat fields as far as possible.

The ETIM data model is completely uniform, differing only in language.