The advantages of a logical, unambiguous structure

Product classification – often referred to as taxonomy – is a logical, clear-cut way of structuring products in different product classes (categories). With ETIM, we provide such a structure to enable efficient and unambiguous communication between (international) parties offering and looking for technical products. The ETIM model allows for a precise and uniform listing of main technical characteristics within different product classes. With the provision of various synonyms for every listed class, ETIM makes it even easier to identify the right product!

Please note, that the ETIM product classification model is not a final product in and of itself. It simply provides the much-needed structure for standardized (technical) product data exchange between parties. It does, however, lay the foundation for a wide variety of applications, from product databases to product data management software.

The benefits of ETIM-based classification

The acceptance of product classification is growing steadily. Today’s extensive possibilities to compare products online are a reflection of customers worldwide demanding transparency. Aspects of quality, delivery reliability, logistical performance, pricing and supplier expertise are equally important in this regard.

Digitally providing such objective and comparable product information saves all parties involved precious time and therefore money. Still, there are plenty more reasons to embrace ETIM-based product classification:

Increase your communicational efficiency with all your stakeholders

ETIM-based product classification allows for standardized, automated, direct coupling and/or processing in internal automation. Fewer actions required in a shorter amount of time: it’s a win-win situation!

Improve your customer information level

Up-to-date, complete and correct product data throughout the entire supply chain means higher quality, better service, fewer errors and happier customers!

Improve your logistics

ETIM-based product classification gives you every opportunity to improve your stock management and order processing system and reduce costs as a result.

Ensure uniformity and quality in your information flow

ETIM-based classification combines a uniform structuring data-entry and exchange format with exclusively factual product information – as specified by the producer. This allows for an up-to-date, correct and complete exchange of information between yourself and all other parties in the supply chain (in all directions).

Re-usable information

ETIM-based product classification guarantees the best starting point for efficient product database management: once you entered your data in the designated source application, it’s there to be re-used for any purpose you desire.

Optimize your online and offline publishing

Since ETIM product data are media-neutral, they can be used for and imported into different lay-outs (as per publishing software): time saving, less corrections and lower production costs!

Futureproof: hassle-free standardized interfaces

The development of interface optimization is ongoing. With ETIM-based product data, you will only need a few standard interfaces for their exchange, making endless updates to your systems to new demands a thing of the past!

Boost your marketing

Arranging information according to target group for niche marketing activities, highlighting unique product features with complementary, specific marketing copy: ETIM-based product classification serves as an indispensable source for tools that add marketable value to your services.

Increase your management reporting efficiency

ETIM-based product classification is ideally suited for efficient statistical analysis. Need turnover figures or strategic input on product class level? You got it.

Reduce your failure costs

Thanks to classification based on the ETIM model, wrong orders and related failure costs are reduced to a minimum.

Save time and money, use ETIM

Looking for an effective and internationally recognized standard to list and publish your complete product data? Want to be able to identify the technical products you need wherever, whenever?

Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or end user, ETIM is the standard for technical products you need. It enables quick, concise identification and data exchange between internationally operating parties, regardless of language. Moreover, it helps you to:

  • avoid double work
  • communicate uniformly and efficiently with your stakeholders
  • reduce failure costs

What are you waiting for? Contact your local ETIM organization now for more information!

The value of ETIM


  • One single format to publish and exchange
  • Flat structure

Industry standard:

  • Represents best know-how
  • Governed by industry
  • Supplier independent
  • Open standard


  • Check at onboarding
  • Predefined features & values
  • Proven reliability

Truly global:

  • One model, 20+ languages
  • Wide scope… and growing

“ETIM is a key element in the digitalisation of the entire supply chain.”

Margaret Fitzsimons, CEO of UK’s Electrical Distributors’ Association (EDA)