ETIM 9.0 Release

ETIM version 9.0 available for download from the ETIM North America website.

In December 2022, ETIM International released the newest version of the Classification model, after 4879 global change requests, including 203 new Class requests, were submitted by ETIM country members. Some are only small changes, but many Classes have been profoundly restructured to better represent the current industry products.

This brings the version 9.0 count to 5,554 Classes, 16,728 Features and 15,656 Values across all sectors (electrical, HVAC/plumbing, building materials, tools/site supplies). To see all the changes, you need to look into the available reports for the details (for members only).

ETIM 9.0 is published in the XML format, ETIM IXF, but also in Excel and CSV, with Metric and Metric/Imperial versions available, and can be downloaded here: Model Releases

ETIM North America members can now submit change requests for version 10.0 to Mary Shaw, Executive Director, ETIM NA.

For more information on how ETIM can help your company reduce costs, and why you should become a member, reach out to Mary at today.