New release ETIM 8.0 available!

We are happy to announce that the new international ETIM release ETIM 8.0 is now officially published!

ETIM 8.0 is published in the XML format ETIM IXF,  for the format description see downloads at the ETIM International website. We also offer a version in MS Excel and CSV. All formats are available in ETIM English on our website in the download section. For other languages please ask your local ETIM office.

At this moment it is fully available in English, German and Dutch, the other languages will be updated to the current release by the national ETIM organizations and implemented into the ETIM database as soon as available.

Some statistics on number of classes per sector etc. see below, many classes for more general products are attributed to multiple sectors.

The new ETIM 8.0 release is the result of in total 8780 requests for change (RFC), a lot of these are only small changes, but also there are many classes that have been profoundly restructured, like the complete product group for pumps.

Also there have been 690 new classes added, most of these originating from the integration of the proficl@ss standard in the new sector for tools, hardware and site supplies in ETIM.

To see all the changes you have to look into the available difference reports (members only) in detail, or consult our online CMT tool.

Finally, with ETIM 8.0 we introduced local standard features, that refer to a local (national) standard. These are identified with special codes like EFUK0001. Please note that to support these codes, we recently upgraded the IXF format to version 3.0. For more information on local standard features and IXF 3.0 see this earlier post.