Release date ETIM 8.0 set for 1st of September 2020

The current ETIM 7.0 release of the ETIM classification, published in September 2017, has been in use for just over 2 years now. The regular release cycle for ETIM model release is about once every 3 year. We want to inform you well on time that the ETIM International Technical Committee has set the date for the next release ETIM 8.0 to the 1st of September 2020. The deadline for handing in requests for changes is three months earlier on the 1st of June 2020. If you have any request that you want to be processed for ETIM 8.0, don’t wait any longer and contact your local ETIM office as soon as possible (requests open for members only). They also need sufficient time to prepare your request for international approval.

At the moment already over 5700 requests for changes (RFCs) have been entered into our classification management tool (ETIM CMT). Nearly 4000 of these RFCs are ‘maintenance’ related, like updating translations and synonyms, deduplication of features and values, consistent use and conformity with the ETIM guidelines. But also over 750 new classes are waiting to be released, most of these originating from the integration of the Proficl@ss standard for tools, hardware and site supplies in ETIM.

Interested to see the pending changes relevant for your product portfolio? Visit ETIM CMT at and filter down to changed classes or single change requests relevant for your sector or product group(s). Or contact your local ETIM office for support or more information. We are confident that with ETIM 8.0 we can offer the market a classification model that is again more complete and of higher quality then its current version.