Update ETIM IXF release format and dynamic release

Today we published a new version of the official international release format ETIM IXF for the ETIM classification. The new version IXF 2.0 was necessary to support the addition of (repeated) features with imperial units for the North American market. Also the list with possible change codes was extended with specific codes for dynamic releases of the ETIM model. For details on all changes see the change log in the documentation.

Together with IXF 2.0 we also published a new version (V3) of the memo on dynamic ETIM release, updated for the changes in IXF, but also containing links now to download the dynamic release in imperial version. If you are using dynamic release ‘system-to-system’, please take care to upgrade your system to the new link for IXF2.0, since the links to the IXF1.0 variant will be phased out within a reasonable time.

You can find the documentation in the download section on our website in the section ‘Classification and format’.